Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Tendrils, tentacles and other twining structures

Apologies all for blog absence. Reasons being: demands of 2 'day-jobs' which, lately have demanded out of hours meetings and other shenanigans. Also, after 6 weeks of sleeplessness and wanton irrepressible energy I got snared by the doc and put back on the zombie pills. Hence, any spare time has been spent face down in floor/sofa/duvet! Whatever! Here's yesterday's 'training day' doodle. It began with the 2 fish - which now I don't like that much. Plant forms come all too easy. I need to practice drawing creatures. I don't tend to colour my line drawings but this one my daughter helped me with. She's 11.
The scan (above) is a bit shabby - consequence of doodling in notepads with other shit showing through the back. Below is a photo.
Did a quick journal entry at the weekend. These pages were lovely before I defaced them with script. I layered paint and tissue paper over gesso. Lots of subtle pinks and mauves until black marker pen came along and rode rough shod over the parchment.

Photo vs scan (pages stitched together in photo-shop. Can't seem to get it so you can click and enlarge) - I'm still not sure which works best...

Took the girls to a 'den-weaving' event Saturday. Lovely afternoon spent cocooning ourselves with plastic bags and shredded curtain!

I promise this blog will properly take-off in a month's time - when I'm down to a 2-workday week and either habituated to or rejected the crappy meds!


  1. Never tire of looking at your art Kate, after a day surrounded in concrete and glass and corporate arse heads, it's quite the tonic.
    Don't feel pressured to blog more frequently, less is more.
    Take Care
    Mort x.

  2. Why can't we all get our black dogs into a pit somewhere and let them savage each other until they're all just scraps and shreds of fur?

    Wish it worked as easily as saying it.

    Hope it doesn't come to the dogshit on toast!

    Take care, Dx