Saturday, 18 July 2009


March 1996 - July 2009


  1. Actually scribbled this a couple of years ago whilst 'trapped' in the family home. The only materials to hand were a bic biro, a few crayons and pieces of chalk scavenged from my mum's 'teacher' drawer. I'd forgotten all about it until yesterday when it was handed back to me with instructions to 'do something about those stupid holes in its head'. The pooche shuffled off its mortal coil last week so this pic (originally a gigantic birthday card) is destined for a frame. I think this is only the 2nd piece of my work my parents actually liked. The first was a harrowing scene of 2 blue-tits on a bag of nuts (a subject ripe for inuendo) I was employed to copy (from a photograph) whilst on work-experience in a commercial art studio aged 16 (I also remember designing a set of 'Care-Bear' days-of-the-week girl's briefs for Marks and Spencers and being reprimanded for sunday's scene depicting and ice-cream of my own invention rather than one taken from the Care-Bear catalogue).
    My famly have bred hounds for decades and I've been drawing them for as long as I can remember. They're possibly the best dog so far as facial expressions go - in my opinion. They've also got a German Shephard and I've been asked to produce another portrait (she's also old and not likely to be around for much longer). I'm really, really struggling with this one though. Way too much fur!